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The Social 9 with - Andrew Jennette

The Social 9 with - Andrew Jennette

The Social 9 is an up-close look into the lives and careers of the golf industry’s social voices and influencers. Each Wednesday will feature a new guest answering nine (or more!) questions about their careers, brands, and personal lives.

These are the voices that drive the industry further every single day.

Andrew Jennette — FootJoy

Twitter: @FootJoy

Job Title/Position: Social Media Lead for FootJoy.

Andrew Jennette, FootJoy Golf.

Andrew Jennette, FootJoy Golf.

How did you get started in social media?

I was working in the sports information department at my Alma mater, UCF, about 8 years ago. One of the many duties of that role was to help promote my individual sports from a marketing perspective, specifically social media. I highly enjoyed that aspect of the job and it eventually led my to applying for and getting a social media specific job at Golf Channel.

Do you have a favorite social media outlet right now?

For breaking news and information, I use Twitter the most. From an actual personal and work use perspective, definitely Instagram.

Is there ever a struggle to put brand before self or vice versa?

Not particularly, no. I rarely post from my personal accounts anyway. My bosses at FootJoy tasked me to have fun with establishing the brand voice so we've been able to be creative with that.


How has your content evolved with so much being picture and video centric, rather than just words?

It's evolved dramatically! It's very easy to get lost in the weeds when thinking about copy when the photo/video creative is always going to be the selling point.

Does your favorite outlet match up with golf demographics?

Instagram is our fastest growing platform by a wide margin. It's outpaced Twitter/Facebook growth.

How has your role changed as social media has changed?

When I first started dabbling in social media back in the early 2010s, it was totally different. There was no strategy! We didn't even consider using paid advertising on social media. Now? We're planning as far in advance as we possibly can and creating massive paid social campaigns that last weeks/months at a time.

What's the most important thing you want people to know about your brand?

We see your comments! Even if we don't respond to every single thing, we're always watching and have a very good idea what people are thinking.

Is there a style or a voice you shoot for with your brand's social content?

Funny without being silly. Sarcastic without being mean spirited. We just want to be fun.

What's the biggest misconception about your brand you'd like to clarify?

That our brand is stuffy and geared towards older golfers because that absolutely isn't the case.

What's your typical work day look like?

Checking and responding to emails, attending creative meetings and monitoring social! We usually know before we get to the office what I'm going to post that day. We try and build out creative assets and loosely map out a schedule of posts at least a week or two in advance. Obviously there are always "in the moment" situations that pop up on a near daily basis and we go those directions when they do.

What's it like to work so closely with brand ambassadors and pros?

A lot of fun. Once you can establish that initial level of trust, you're golden. We always want our ambassadors and pros to know early on that our main goal is to make them look even better.

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