REVIEW: SuperStroke Traxion Tour Club Grips

SuperStroke grips are perhaps best known for their putter grip options, having found significant success on pro tours across the globe. Their new Traxion Tour club grips hope to add to their stable by offering a fantastic soft feel option throughout your bag.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour club grip.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour club grip.

The Feel of Performance

“The SuperStroke team is proud of what we’ve created in the Traxion Tour club grips — but we also know this is just the beginning,” says Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke USA. “Golf clubs have advanced tremendously over the last few decades. So have golf shafts and the golf ball. So why aren’t golf club grips improving at the same rate?”

These are the questions SuperStroke hopes to answer with their new Traxion Tour line, which boasts superior feel and softness for players who prefer a lightweight, synthetic feel in their grips. They are a true transition from the brand’s putter grip options to every club in your bag.

Polyurethane grips, of course, have been around for years. Originally played mostly by senior or female golfers, these lightweight and pliable grips felt more like sleeves over the golf shaft in comparison to bulkier options. According to Dingman, the prototyping stage of the Traxion Tour grips included feedback from customers who agreed the feel of this new option was ideal for any club.

Tech Features

The science behind the Traxion Tour club grips is nothing to take for granted.

  • Torsional Performance — Driven by rubber underlisting, which is described as the engine of the grip (whatever that means), the Traxion Tour delivers exceptional torsional stability. In other words, these grips feel incredibly controllable throughout the swing.

  • Taper Control Technology — Based on feedback from top-tier players, reducing the taper rate in the grips was a big focus for this release. The Traxion Tour is thicker toward the end of the grip for added control in your bottom hand, while the top of the grip is thinner. The result is a perfect combo of feel and control in your hands.

  • Traxion Control — Featuring a new outer coating and patented X-Shaped Treads, each Traxion Tour grip is equipped with strategically positioned durability boosts in high-wear areas of the grip.

  • Spyne Technology — My favorite feature of the grips is the raised ridge along the back of each grip, which SuperStroke refers to as Spyne. Basically where the grips are sewn together, this subtle feature promotes consistent hand positioning and finger pressure every time you pick up the club.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the control, feel and performance of the SuperStroke Traxion Tour club grips. They held up well throughout my excessively humid round of golf and multiple driving range sessions. I suspect, however, they may get a little slick in rainy weather, and I’ll be interested to see how many seasons one set of grips will last.

For more information on the SuperStroke Traxion Tour grips, visit their website here.