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The Social 9 with - Chad Coleman

The Social 9 with - Chad Coleman

The Social 9 is an up-close look into the lives and careers of the golf industry’s social voices and influencers. Each week will feature a new guest answering nine (or more!) questions about their careers, brands, and personal lives.

These are the voices that drive the industry further every single day.

Chad Coleman — Callaway Golf

Twitter: @HashtagChad

Job Title/Responsibility: Social Media and Brand Partnerships

Chad Coleman of Callaway Golf

Chad Coleman of Callaway Golf

How did you get started in social media?

Kind of a funny story, actually. My senior year in college, I was also managing a frozen yogurt shop on campus. The owner didn't really understand the value of social, so he agreed to let me take the reins and have some fun with it. It was obviously on a pretty small scale, but I loved being able to experiment with campaigns and promotions to help drive traffic of students into the store and maintain loyalty. So the FroYo industry is really where my love of social started, and that led to a job at a social/digital agency out of college and the rest is history.

Do you have a favorite social media outlet right now?

Probably Instagram, because that's the channel that allows for the most creativity (photos/videos, carousels, stories, etc.) and currently delivers the most organic engagement.

Is there ever a struggle to put brand before self or vice versa?

Not really. Brand always comes first in any content ideas or opportunities. My personal social presence is more meant as a way to supplement the main account and to connect with fans and consumers on a more personal level, should they be so inclined.

How has your content evolved with so much being picture and video-centric, rather than just words?

Our content strategy evolves every day, basically. I'm obsessed with understanding how/when/where golfers consume and interact with social content so that we can deliver unique experiences that make it very easy for people to consume ours in a way that's natural. So we're constantly optimizing and creating media that's native to the specific channel it's going on.

How has your role changed as social media has changed?

It has changed a lot over the years. What a lot of people don't realize is that social media isn't just about posting an image to Instagram and calling it a day. It's an always-on job that consists of everything from photographer/videographer, customer service, graphic design, copywriting, data analytics, influencer partnerships, creative and editorial strategy, paid advertising, fire-putter-outer and the list goes on.

Chad Coleman appearing on Callaway Golf’s podcast.

Chad Coleman appearing on Callaway Golf’s podcast.

What's the most important thing you want people to know about your brand?

#1 that Callaway is committed to helping you have fun and play better golf. Yes, we make great products and have the biggest and baddest R&D team in golf (IMHO), but we also provide you with content to help you use that equipment to actually shoot lower scores. For example, things like our popular "Insta Golf Tips" video series that provide quick and simple tips that you can consume in less than 60 seconds, and The Fitting Room podcast where we bring in our product experts and occasionally Tour Pros to do deep dives into topics like: What shafts should you be playing? Should you play long irons or hybrids? How do you select the right putter length? What are some unique fitting specs in the bags of our Tour Pros? How should you gap your wedge lofts? And we'll also answer questions from consumers who call in.

And #2 is that Callaway is not just here to push products down your throat. We want to connect consumers with interesting stories and people within the game of golf, and do that through our own original content. Examples of that would be our Golf Lives and Golf Lives: Home Course series where we profile people like legendary rapper Scarface and his obsession with golf, to the story on a course called Langston outside D.C. which is known for its role in the desegregation of golf. We do these things with no agenda other than to use our platform to shed light on interesting and unique stories in golf.

Is there a style or a voice you shoot for with your brand's social content?

Our main goal is to be approachable, both in the types of content we deliver and the voice and personality of the Callaway brand on social. With us, it's not a one-way street where we're always trying to sell you products. We try to engage with everyone and showcase the personalities behind the brand with the hope that golfers will feel like they're part of the family.

What's your typical work day look like?

Every single day is different. That's what I love about it.

What's it like to work so closely with brand ambassadors and pros?

That's one of the coolest perks of the job. It's been truly amazing to have been able to not only meet, but become friends with brand ambassadors and Tour Pros that I grew up idolizing. I certainly never take it for granted.

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