Up Close with the TaylorMade Golf GAPR

The TaylorMade Golf GAPR utility club is much more than your typical hybrid. Designed to fill the yardage gap between your longest playable iron and shortest fairway wood, the GAPR might be your new favorite club in your bag.

When we had club designer Tomo Bystedt on the podcast, he let us know upfront that we should think differently about what a utility club could be. Yes, the TaylorMade GAPR fits where a hybrid or driving iron would; but thanks to three distinct clubhead designs and trajectory options you can finally bring uniformity to the distances in your game.

As mentioned in the video above, my experience with the TaylorMade GAPR has been very positive. Turning down the loft on the GAPR Mid to 18 degrees perfectly bridges a 15-20 yard gap between my gamer 4-iron and fairway wood. I prefer the look and feel of a driving iron versus a hybrid, especially off the tee. Like my typical gamer utility iron, the GAPR does its job extremely well in a variety of playing situations.

While not the longest option in its class, the GAPR is extremely versatile as I was able to shape shots easily, even with the wider sole design. Miss-hits geared back toward my target line with minimal distance loss, and the sound of the club is incredible.

The ball flight with the GAPR Mid performed as-advertised, giving me a lower option on windy days (as was the case in the video above). My gamer utility flies a bit higher, which is perfect for me on most conditions. However, the GAPR will find its way into my bag when the occasion presents itself.

For more information on the TaylorMade Golf GAPR utility clubs, including the many loft and head shape options, visit their product page here.