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Burton Golf CSX Stand Bag Review

Burton Golf CSX Stand Bag Review

The Burton Golf CSX stand bag is perfect for the player who loves to walk but often rides due to convenience. Lightweight, sturdy and stylish, this bag will appeal to a wide range of players who want more out of their golf bag than just good looks.

First Impression

First, I’m not a walker. I like getting in a cart, getting a bag of beer, hitting 6 range balls, rolling a few putts, and it’s off to the first tee. All that being said, I’m also not a fan of large bulky cart bags that take two grown men to load on a cart. The Burton Golf CSX stand bag is prefect.

One last reminder, I’m not a walker. However, this bag is great for the walker. My previous bag was a Titleist carry bag. For those of you who know Titleist bags, they made really small carry bags, large cart bags with enough pocket space to please the likes of Mary Poppins, and then a somewhat oversized carry bag line.

Mine was the latter.

Burton managed to make their bag extremely light, with enough pocket space to please a riding trunk slammer like myself. And I will have to say, in the amount of time I carried my clubs from the car to the cart, I noticed a few of the IDEAL features every walker would love.


The Strap

Maybe the most padded double strap of any carry bag I’ve ever lifted. Not only are the shoulder straps extremely padded, there is a pad where the two straps meet that would usually poke the hell out of the center of your back. Not at all the case here. And maybe I just got lucky, but when I went to adjust the straps to fit everything to my liking, I didn’t have to do a thing. Perfectly balanced, and perfectly comfortable, I wish even my laptop bag was this easy to adjust.

The Padding

As I mentioned above the padding was perfect on the straps, and the same was true for the rest of the bag. Someone actually thought this bag all the way through. Padding on the body of the bag was perfectly placed to rest comfortably against the small of your back or near the top of your gluteus (to put it professionally). Even the handle is padded and for comfort when loading the bag onto a cart.

Lightweight and Spacious

As an established trunk slammer, and given that I don’t run to my car in the rain, I definitely don’t play golf in it. So, minus any rain gear, umbrella, etc, I only fill my golf bag with the necessities. A couple sleeves of balls, tees, tools, range finder, and the occasional flask, for which this bag has an absolutely perfect pocket. With these packed neatly into the generous pocket space for being somewhat of a petite bag, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the weight and comfort.

Last, it’s sturdy on the cart. Many carry bags can be too small for a cart and tend to flop and rattle around (if you’ve ever let the Fonzy or Hackett drive for 18 holes you’d definitely understand where I’m coming from) when 6” deep French drains that could be avoided make you realize you should have taken a piss in the woods on the last tee box.

All in all, good, solid, stylish bag. Well done Burton.

(Adam Tatro — the other Adam of GU — is a former collegiate golfer and PGA teaching professional.)

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