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TRUE Linkswear Major Golf Shoes Review

TRUE Linkswear Major Golf Shoes Review

TRUE Major golf shoes.

TRUE Major golf shoes.

The concept of what to expect in a golf shoe has changed dramatically over the years. No longer are we bound to the confines of saddle designs and raised spikes; comfort is a must, and brands have agree it is of upmost importance.

TRUE Linkswear has specialized in comfort for years, and their new TRUE Major golf shoes might be the finest they’ve ever produced.

Background and Technology

Is it weird to say there’s a technology aspect of a golf shoe design? We’re not talking computer chips and flashing lights, of course. However, the TRUE Majors are built in such a way that one cannot help but think “state of the art.”

Billed as their “highest performing, Tour issue model”, the TRUE Majors are strong enough to withstand any weather condition or terrain. Waterproof full grain leather and outdoor grade Nubuck suede comprise their outer layer while a lightweight midsole and comfort sock inner protect your feet from pain and discomfort. Flexibility is a focus in the TRUE Majors, making them seem as if they were built specifically for your foot right out of the box.

The unique Paracord Lacing system holds each shoe onto your feet snugly yet comfortably, providing stability throughout your swing. I hate a shoe that has sporadic “tightness” throughout the tongue due to inconsistent placement of the laces. The TRUE Majors’ lacing system avoids this problem entirely.

Feel and Performance

When you put on a new pair of TRUE Linkswear shoes, you expect them to be comfortable immediately. It’s simply the thing they are known for, and the TRUE Majors follow suit wonderfully.

I’ve always loved how close to the ground the soles of my feet feel when walking in a pair of TRUEs. I prefer to feel the change in terrain throughout my round, especially in bunkers and on the putting green. I don’t want a thick shoe sole that hides the contours of a golf course, and while the TRUE Majors aren’t the thinnest shoes ever, they keep me in touch (literally) with my surroundings.

The traction on the bottom of the shoe — which is much closer to that of a sneaker as opposed to your typical golf softspike — was more than adequate without feeling like I was digging into the dirt. I’m interested to see how they will perform in wet conditions, since the rubber nubs are quite shallow compared to competing designs.

As someone who likes to walk every so often during a round, I have no doubt the TRUE Majors will keep my feet blister-free. However, the thicker leather and suede outer combo seems a bit warm, which may be concerning on warmer days.

Overall Impression

When it comes to buying a golf shoe, I believe you should dress for the conditions of the day. I simply do not think there is a one-size-fits-all approach to proper foot apparel for this game. You should not wear the same pair of golf shoes for all conditions; there are simply too many great options.

The TRUE Majors, while able to be worn in any condition, are best for cooler days or soggy rounds. They are great for golfers who prefer to both walk or ride, and their construction guarantees their longevity. This is a premium quality golf shoe that will last for many seasons.

The TRUE Linkswear Major golf shoes retail for $199.99.

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