Callaway Apparel SWING TECH Clothing

Finding the right fit and feel for your golf game usually applies to a new set of clubs. However, when was the last time you paid as close of attention to the fit and feel of your golf wardrobe?

Callaway Apparel hopes to change your perception of how clothing should perform on the golf course with the new SWING TECH clothing series.

Golf polos are a dime a dozen. The same can be said for pants, shorts, and even outerwear. Looking through my closet, I have items from at least a dozen different brands. No two shirts are the same, and that means the fit from each is also different. For a game like golf that requires consistency from round to round, wouldn’t it make sense to maintain a similar feel in your wardrobe as well?

Callaway Apparel SWING TECH was built with the serious player in mind. Every motion of your golf swing involves multiple muscle groups, physical forces acting against one another, and biometric angles that require optimal range of motion. If any article of clothing constricts that motion, your game is as good as ruined.

SWING TECH addresses this concern head on. Designed with a classic fit in every article option, each also provides maximum stretch in its fabric to give you the freedom you need on the course.

Each article in the SWING TECH line features this flexibility in its fabric, and options are available for both men and women. For more information on the technology and style options, visit the Callaway Apparel SWING TECH website today.