Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter Grip Review

Golf Pride Grips are a household name in golf equipment. Boasting decades of success and a client list that includes 80 percent of all Tour-level players, they are a brand to be trusted. Their new TOUR SNSR putter grips build on their tradition of quality.


Technology and Feel

Putter grips are an extremely personal equipment feature for any player. Golf Pride knows this better than anyone, and their TOUR SNSR grip is a reflection of that.

The grip is available in three different shapes: Contour, Contour Pro, and Straight. Each offers additional sizing options to give you the perfect feel based on your preference. For example, the Contour Pro is available in both 104cc and 140cc, with weighting options of 90g or 124g. Different tapering options are also available.

The SNSR features a patented rubber blend that feels softer toward the butt of the grip and more firm toward the tip. This blend allows for maximum feedback in your hands on each putt, letting you know exactly what to adjust on the next stroke. You are able to naturally “lock in” your top hand, allowing a consistent, repeatable stroke. Due to the grip’s softness, you’ll find that a lighter grip pressure in your hands is optimal.

The Golf Pride TOUR SNSR grips are now available worldwide in all major golf retailers or via the company website.