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TaylorMade Spider X Putter Review

TaylorMade Spider X Putter Review

When it comes to classifying a golf club as “forgiving,” most of us apply this term to drivers or irons. Manufacturers like TaylorMade Golf are leading the charge to widen the scope of what we think forgiveness can mean with golf equipment. Such is the case with their new Spider X putter.

History and Technology

TaylorMade Golf introduced the original Spider putter ten years ago. At the time, its large mallet head design was a bit polarizing for golfers more accustomed to blades or smaller mallets. However, players of all skill levels understood and appreciated the forgiving qualities stability weighting and the counter-balanced design offered.

It’s always a great feeling to know a putt will roll true regardless of impact location on the putter face. And if we’re being totally honest with each other, this applies to most of us.

Fast-forward to this year’s iteration, the Spider X offers upgraded stability via a heavy 320g steel frame and a lightweight (15g) carbon composite sole that feels perfectly balanced throughout the putting stroke. Already a fan of heavier putter designs, I immediately fell in love with how easy the Spider X was to keep on a consistent path through each stroke.

Alignment aids are hit-and-miss in putter design. Some companies want to throw as much “help” on the top of a club as possible, resulting in something that looks closer to freight train graffiti than an alignment aid. The other end of the spectrum? Blank slate, absolutely no help, good luck with life.

The Spider X features True Path Alignment that blends nicely into the overall aesthetic of the clubhead design. This allows you to see the intended target line quite clearly without being distracting. It almost feels like your putting stroke is on cruise control.

Finally, the improved Pure Roll insert promotes an immediate roll after every struck putt. This is accomplished by specially engineered grooves that increase topspin, thus helping putts stay true to the target line.

Overall Performance

The TaylorMade Spider X putter is exceptionally built and performs as advertised. It’s one thing to see statements like “The #1 putter on Tour” but actually feeling and seeing the club’s benefits in real life can make a believer out of anyone.

The putter feels incredibly stable throughout the stroke, to the degree that you can actually see your putting stroke improve. The weighting throughout the Spider X is superb, feeling perfectly balanced and comfortable to control no matter how far back you take the head back.

Over and over again I found the golf ball to enter a pure roll within milliseconds after being struck. Putts remained true to the intended target line, and even misses seemed to take a peak into the cup. I’m not insinuating that my putting suddenly became more accurate with the Spider X, but I definitely noticed my putts rolling closer to my target no matter where I made contact on the face.

Impact exuded a soft, muted sound that added to the soft feel of the putter face insert. While not incredibly unique, I definitely prefer a softer feel on short and longer putts, so this feature was a welcome sight.

The TaylorMade Spider X putter is truly a fantastic option for those looking to upgrade in 2019. Available in multiple color options and shaft neck bends, there’s no wonder why the Spider X continues to be a top choice for the world’s best players.

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