REVIEW: OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 RTC Golf Bag

The new OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 RTC golf bag is a hybrid option for players who want a little more space than what normal stand bags offer, but don’t want to jump to a full cart bag.

No two golfers are alike. Some love their long irons, and some love their hybrids. Some prefer a high spinning ball, while others place a priority on more distance. Some care about the little details of their golf game, and some just grip it and rip it… and then shotgun a beer on the tee. Or vice versa.

To each, their own.

Now I will admit that when I golf, I take a cart 99% of the time. Instead of trying to talk myself into how I should occasionally walk for my own health, I will skip the self-intervention and just roll with, “it is what it is!” So personally, I don’t need a lightweight golf bag with a great dual-strap system. I need a golf bag that works well on the back of a cart.

Note, not every piece of golf equipment made is designed for ALL golfers, despite what the OEM’s will tell you. And that’s…. OK! Golf bags are no different. Some golfers need a carry bag. Some need a cart bag. Some care only about how their golf bag looks. Some prefer functionality over style. But if you are a primary cart rider and appreciate the little details about a golf bag, then you’ll love the OGIO Alpha Convoy RTC (Range-To-Cart) bag.

Super Slick Shoulder Strap Stowaway System (SSSSSS)

Not only a tongue twister Shelly the Seashell Seller would be proud of, but this is one of the cooler and more unique parts of this bag. If I’m fishing through my bag pockets for my third provisional (errr, second mulligan), I have to throw the hanging shoulder strap from side-to-side to access the pockets. Once you put your bag on the cart, future you will surely appreciate the 10 seconds it took (yes, I timed myself) to detach the bottom strap and slide the strap into the hidden compartment so it won’t get in the way all round. Like I said, it’s the little things you will appreciate with this golf bag.

Abundance of storage – 8 zippered pockets

If you’re in the market for a bag designed specifically to strap on the back of a cart, you shouldn’t be concerning yourself with keeping it super light. Which means, stuff that bag full of everything you think you may need on the course.

There are eight different pockets with enough storage to keep the floor of your trunk spotless. Rain gear. Extra gloves. Balls galore. Go ahead and splurge for that bag of 500 tees, you’ll have plenty of room.

Speaking of which… what a great time to discuss the golf bag essentials! Some obvious choices, but also a few obscure items you will be thanking me for before the season is over. Also, I threw a few ideas out there as to what I would use the pockets for:

  1. “Hidden” Upper Left – Valuables

  2. Bottom Left (Long) – Extra Towel

  3. Bottom Left (Diagonal) – Smaller items (Sharpie, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Clip of Business Cards) WB – Insulated Water Bottle Holder

  4. Middle (Rectangular) – Brand New Golf Balls, Ball Markers, Divot repair tools

  5. Middle (Curved) – Used Golf Balls/Water Balls

  6. Middle (Top) – Tees

  7. Bottom Right – Extra Socks, Extra Glove (stored in a Ziploc bag)

  8. Full Length Right –Rain Gear (Jacket, pants) or full 24 pack of Coors Light

  9. Top Right (Interior) – $50 in small bills, few coins

Velcro Glove Holder

I am one of those golfers that straps my glove onto the outside of my bag, so after my round it can sufficiently dry out. The exposed Velcro on the side of the bag easily holds my glove between rounds, or even between shots.

PSA #1: Don’t be that guy that balls your glove up and shoves it in a pocket after a round.

Legs Included!

Many cart bags don’t have standing legs, so when you carry your bag to the range (or the clubhouse), you are rolling the dice and hoping it will be standing upright when you come back to it. There aren’t bag stands everywhere you go around a golf facility, so having the freedom to put your bag down knowing it won’t fall over with a slight breeze is a very nice plus.

PSA #2: Don’t be that guy that has his stand bag blow over in front of everyone at the range. I guarantee they are all laughing in their head and calling you a newb. And no one needs all that additional pressure on the 1st tee.

Wide Putter Column

It seems putter grips keep getting bigger and wider these days, so if you have a putter grip the size of a pringles can, you will love the extra wide putter column with this bag. Easy in, easy out.

Detachable Valuables Pouch

I have seen many rangefinders hanging from the side of an unattended golf bags at the course, and wonder how easily someone could just grab it and run. One would HOPE that you wouldn’t have to worry about that, but if you’re playing at a local muni, you just never know. This bag has a nice pouch you can keep your valuables in, which easily detaches from the bag so you can take it wherever you go. Now, if you still leave it in the locker room or at the bar, that’s on you!

Plastic Rim

Another small detail I really like is the multi-functional plastic rim around the mouth of the bag. Not only does it make it easier to grab and pull the bag up vertically, but it’s a great towel holder instead of sliding it between two clubs. I don’t know how many towels I have lost by placing it between two clubs, then pulling one of the clubs, and then later trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it to drive back and two holes to get it.

Insulated Bottle Holder w/ Drainage Ports

Pretty self-explanatory, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

Extra Durable Fabric

Also self-explanatory, but nothing is worse than having a bag that rips after just one season. The Cordula poly material used to make this bag is made from discarded and recycled plastic, which feels extremely strong and durable, and should last for many seasons.

Overall Impression

If you a golfer that almost always rides a cart yet haven’t found a reliable and versatile bag to fit your needs, you need to consider this bag. Once you load it up with all of your gear, you will never find yourself on the course wishing you had room for your rain gear and dry towel. You will be sure to appreciate all of the small details that went into designing this bag, and will last you many years to come.

(Review conducted by Matt Hackett. Follow Matt on Twitter at @matthewliam.)