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REVIEW: Stitch Golf SL1 Stand Bag

REVIEW: Stitch Golf SL1 Stand Bag


Stitch Golf is the epitome of luxury golf, offering accessories ranging from headcovers to golf bags. Their incredible SL1 stand bag is a walker's delight, and is a treat for any player who wants to dress up their game this season.

Stitch Golf SL1 Appearance and Features

Deemed "the perfect caddie bag", the SL1 weighs a mere 57 ounces and purposely limits pocket space so you're not tempted to overload it with golf balls, tees, and other junk. Constructed with Stitch's patented Touring Fabric, the look and feel of the bag's outer cover is breathtaking (and waterproof!).

Two side saddle pockets are deep enough to house a couple sleeves of balls, an extra pair of rain gloves and even a small rangefinder. Make no mistake, however: minimalism is key for this golf bag. Don't expect to carry a dozen balls in this beauty.

Two smaller pockets sit atop each saddle pocket, providing enough space to keep your car keys, cell phone and wallet. One of these is insulated and meant to carry a beverage, however I don't feel its placement is conducive to that purpose. I found both pockets to be adequate for what I needed, while a constant reminder to limit my cargo.

While apprehensive at first about the single strap design, the SL1's overall build and weight made a double strap completely unnecessary. I have no problem walking 18 with the SL1, which will be comfortable for a wide range of players. Rainy days are no issue, either, as each bag ships with a matching rain hood.

Overall Impression

While there's not usually much to say about any golf bag -- it carries your stuff, for crying out loud -- the Stitch Golf SL1 is truly in its own category.

I've been slowly adding Stitch accessories to "dress my game" like the company tagline suggests, and I have yet to be disappointed with anything I've purchased. Their headcovers are well-made, the variety of options is huge, and their golf bags are absolutely fantastic.

While the products will appeal to every golfer, their price tag may not. There is nothing inexpensive about Stitch Golf, nor should it be. The quality of their products cannot be found anywhere else, and you should expect to pay for that quality. For example, the SL1 bag retails for around $330.

Those willing to add a touch of style to their game -- and to support an independent business -- should look no further than Stitch Golf. 

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