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REVIEW: Srixon Z U85 Utility Iron

REVIEW: Srixon Z U85 Utility Iron


Srixon Z U85

Take control of the course

The new Srixon Z U85 utility irons are another take on last season’s exceptional Z U65, the most played utility club on the PGA Tour. Expanding to more lofts to reach even more players of different levels, the Z U85 is another example of the greatness of this product series.

Background and Technology

The Srixon Z U85 was built for distance: there is absolutely no doubt about that. The SUP10 cup face design combined with a fully hollow clubhead construction helps you get the golf ball into the air more easily, optimizing launch and producing ball speeds you’d usually expect from a wood.

All of that distance and forgiveness is worthless if you don’t have confidence to use it. Srixon addressed this admirably by designing a club with the look of a long iron, while the club’s wide sole makes you believe you can hit it from any lie. The stock UST Recoil 95 graphite shaft has the look of steel, further instilling confidence when you look down at the club.

The success of the Z U65 gave Srixon the opportunity to expand the scope of their reach with this new iteration. You can now order the Z U85 in five different lofts, spanning from the 18° driving iron down to a 29° 6-iron. This allows you to group the Z U85 in a combo with any of the other Z Series options, making it one of the most versatile series available on the market.

Performance and Feel

Everything about the Z U85 feels solid. You’d think the concept of a fully hollow clubhead would make it feel or sound cheap. This is not the case, of course, which is confirmed with every swing of the club.

At impact the club sounds explosive. When struck well, the Z U85 resonates like you’d expect a tour-quality product would. Better players will appreciate this detail, and higher handicap players looking to boost their confidence will as well.

I found the 20° iron to be extraordinary off the tee and fairway, making it a weapon from over 200 yards. It was also impressive from the rough, opening the door to more scoring opportunities even after a wayward tee shot. As someone who usually struggles with par 5’s, any chance to cover more yardage in less shots is a positive.

In my driving range test, the Z U85 averaged 223 yards in the air. Dispersion was very tight — four yards on average — and launch conditions were ideal for this club category (14° launch, 3300 rpm spin rate). Average ball speed exceeded 130 mph, which is testament to how powerful this iron can be.

I did have a tendency to lose the ball left on misses, especially shots off the toe. The club’s forgiving tech controlled distance loss on these shots, which can be both helpful and concerning depending on the situation. As someone who normally plays a draw with my longer clubs, more practice with the Z U85 will be needed to limit these hooks when the pressure is on.

Overall Impression

The new Srixon Z U85 iron is an incredible utility option for players of any caliber. While there is no massive jump in tech in this year’s offering compared to the previous model, its overall performance remains stellar. I have no doubt this will be another hit with better players looking to ditch their hybrids or long irons.

The Srixon Z U85 retails for $199.99.

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