REVIEW: TaylorMade M3 Driver


TaylorMade M3 Driver

One of the best drivers we've ever tested

The Taylormade M3 driver is an incredible option for players looking to boost their accuracy and confidence off the tee. Twist Face is the real deal, and distance gains result from the combination of more fairways hit and the impressive Hammerhead tech.

This is one of the best drivers I've ever hit.

M3 Technology

You've already heard the comments, read the press releases, and seen the commercials. TaylorMade Golf likes their catch phrases, and the M3 driver is ripe with buzzwords.

Twist Face is the most well-known and eye brow-raising element of the driver. A face designed to literally straighten out your miss-hits raised eyebrows across the industry and among amateur players. While the concept of bulge and roll has been around for years, seeing Twist Face in the hands of the best players on the planet across multiple tours is hard to ignore.

A fully adjustable hosel allows you to change lofts, and two movable weights on the M3's sole along a Y-shaped track helps you fine-tune COG, spin tendency, and shot shape if you so choose. You know the drill: get custom fit to help zero-in on your optimal settings and leave them alone.

Finally, the new Hammerhead technology in the M3 clubhead boosts ball speeds thanks to a light, flexible face that increases the club's sweet spot. Aside from sounding like another catch phrase, Hammerhead -- like Twist Face -- promises a lot.

I'm happy to report that both features keep their promise.

Performance and Feel

Much like the TaylorMade M3 fairway wood I tested earlier this season, the driver is an absolute joy to hit.

While the driver's sound at impact is a little louder and sharper than I'd prefer, it still sounds extremely solid and powerful regardless of where you make contact on the face. The ball feels as though it jumps off the face, and the thin Hammerhead face gives you instant feedback on where contact was made.

On the range, I was impressed with the ball launch monitor data I recorded with the M3. Even despite using range balls, the M3 produced distances comparable to my gamer, hovering around 245 yards of carry on average. Each ball also landed with tons of roll, bringing my average total distance to over 265 yards with limited flight balls.

What was most impressive, however, was the accuracy of the drives I was hitting. My average dispersion was at an astounding one yard offline from center as drive after drive turned back toward the fairway. Poor swings were still punished -- as they should be -- but everything would have been in play had I been on an actual course. But averages can be fickle, and numbers sometimes do not translate to reality.

So, I took the M3 on the course.

On-Course Performance

The TaylorMade M3 driver performed admirably on the course during an actual round, and what I saw on the range was repeated when every shot mattered.

On three occasions I hit drives over 300 yards with the M3, and I missed two fairways total on holes where I pulled driver. The ball simply curves back to the target line more often than any other driver I've played before, which gave me confidence to take aggressive lines on every hole.

I easily had one of my best driving performances of the year using the M3, which not only made my round more enjoyable, but also led to one of my best scores of the year.

Overall Impression

Aside from a loud impact sound, there is nothing negative to say about the TaylorMade M3 driver. Distance was outstanding in real course conditions, accuracy was at times jaw-dropping, and the clubhead was forgiving enough to keep poorly-struck drives in play.

Do you have the M3 in your golf bag? What are your thoughts on the driver? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.