The Masters: The Masters Trophy and Other Awards

For our final installment of the Masters article series, the Masters Trophy will be briefly examined as not only part of golf history, but also much more than just the "lesser-known sibling" to the Green Jacket. Weighing in at nearly 35 pounds, the Masters Trophy is a replica of the Augusta National clubhouse and is cast in sterling silver.  Introduced to The Masters in 1961, this trophy also depicts the names of all winners of the championship as well as the runner-up each year.  There are now two separate Masters Trophies each year, a change that was introduced in 1993; the original trophy remains on the grounds of Augusta National while the winner receives a replica trophy to take home.

Earlier in 2011, a private collector with possession of a replica Masters Trophy decided to put the award up for sale, as Alex Miceli of Golfweek writes.  Approximately 10 years ago Augusta National Golf Club authorized the production of two additional replica Masters Trophies to be housed in a pair of new museums set to be constructed in the United States: the Brandenburg Golf Museum in California and the Augusta Golf Museum.  These newer replicas were cast in a size that would make them easily viewable for visitors to a museum, each weighing approximately 75 pounds.  Originally in the possession of golf historian Frank Christian, who would check twice with Augusta National whether or not he could sell the piece, the replica Masters Trophy was eventually auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. While reports differ on exactly how much Christian made for his sale, estimates on the value of an original Masters Trophy range anywhere between $300,000 and $400,000.

In addition to the Green Jacket and Masters Trophy, there are many other awards that are given out during the tournament to deserving players who have completed various feats throughout the week:

  • The player with the daily lowest score receives a crystal vase
  • Any player who records a hole-in-one or a double-eagle receives a large crystal bowl
  • Any player who records an eagle receives a pair of crystal goblets
  • The winner of the traditional Par 3 contest, held on the Wednesday prior to the tournament, wins a large crystal bowl
  • Winner of The Masters also receives a gold medal while the runner-up receives a silver medal and silver salver
  • Masters Champions also receive exemption to the US Open, British Open, and PGA Championship for the next five years. In addition, the player earns a lifetime exemption to play in the Masters tournament.